Lorde “I Hate Reggae” Was This A Racist Comment Are She Doesn’t Know Better?????


New Zealand singer Lorde hates a lot of things and reggae music is one of them.

It’s very rare to come across a singer on the planet that don’t like or listen to the cool vibration or reggae music.

he outspoken 17-year-old pop singer echoed the sentiments in her recent video on Vevo “World According to Lorde.”

“I hate reggae,” Lorde said. “Reggae makes me feel like I am late for something.”

In said video, Lorde also express her love for Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

Members of the reggae community have since been weighing in on her dislike for the genre, most of who says she is entitle to her own opinion.

Watch the video below.

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